I specialize in cases concerning public aid and EU funding. I like challenges and I am willing to represent clients in difficult and complex cases. I am also willing to share my knowledge during industry and academic conferences, and on my blog.


Attorney-at-law with many years of experience allowing him to feel at home in different areas of law, such as advice on deals, corporate matters, including disputes, or advice for the public sector (public-private partnerships, public procurement). He specializes in issues associated with public aid and EU funds. His track record includes hundreds of successful cases; statistically, he has won 9 out of 10 cases. Managing partner at the Brysiewicz, Bokina, Sakławski i Wspólnicy Law Firm.

Graduate of the Faculty of Law and the Faculty of International Relations at the University of Warsaw. He has worked for reputable law firms and for the public administration, including the Ministry of the Interior and Administration and the State Authority for Legal Representation.

Author of many publications on public aid and EU funds as well as the blog entitled “EU Funds as seen by a lawyer” at www.kbrysiewicz.pl. Expert invited to appear as a speaker in academic and industry conferences.