Corporate law – corporate legal services

We offer a full range of corporate legal services, notwithstanding the legal form of doing business. We align our services to the individual needs of our clients and we propose the optimum legal and fiscal solutions – Maciej Wasilewski.

As we partner with business, we always strive to understand how our clients operate, their business environment and needs. We offer corporate advisory services at every level of their business, starting from preparing the appropriate legal and fiscal models for running their business, to advisory services on corporate governance and relations among owners, to regular corporate advisory services involving the operational aspects of our clients’ businesses. We provide advice on planning, construing and optimizing legal and fiscal structures, supporting clients in the conduct of multi-faceted reorganization efforts encompassing, among others, business combinations and transformation involving companies in different sectors. Our rich trial experience puts us in a position to provide effective and efficient advisory services referring to the organization and business of our clients.

Our clients:

  • corporate groups,
  • family-owned companies,
  • entities listed on a regulated market,
  • startups,
  • municipal companies and companies owned or partially owned by the State Treasury.

Scope of services:

  • Drafting legal opinions regarding corporate law.
  • Regular corporate legal services spanning the preparation of companies’ internal legal documents, draft resolutions, contracts and articles of association.
  • Drafting management contracts for senior management.
  • Advisory services pertaining to business mergers, spinoffs and transformation.
  • Legal and fiscal reorganization projects, including ones entailing the utilization of investment funds and foreign controlled companies.

Completed activities

  • Comprehensive legal advisory services for shareholders in processes to incorporate companies in the IT and new technology sector.
  • Legal advisory services for companies in the IT sector concerning their day-to-day operations.
  • Legal advisory services for a leading Polish company in the fit-out engineering industry for commercial facilities industry and the warehouse engineering industry for the purpose of developing a network to distribute the company’s products across Europe and in negotiations with large commercial chains.
  • Legal advisory services for one of the largest regional producers of beer in Poland in the reorganization of its distribution network.
  • Regular corporate advisory and transaction services to corporate groups with the State Treasury as a shareholder.
  • Drafting management contracts, the rules for paying management board members and other managers, opining the general terms and conditions of D&O contracts and D&O policies for corporate groups with the State Treasury as a shareholder, advising a client on the organization of a tender to select the best D&O offer.


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