About us

We are your partner in business. BBS is a multidisciplinary team of experts in various fields of law. Over the years, we have gained professional experience we can now draw on to help you achieve your business objectives – and that’s the source of our professional satisfaction. We fancy tackling challenges. And we find handling complex cases, which are seemingly ‘unwinnable’, very rewarding. That’s why we are experts in guiding our clients through ‘crises’ and dealing with any critical situations you may encounter. We pledge that once we take the helm, we will go to any lengths to get you out of even the biggest storm. But striving to sail through the crisis unscathed, we always put trust first, treating it as our common starting point.

Each one of us specialises in their respective field, contributing a diverse set of skills to the BBS team. Krzysztof Brysiewicz is an acknowledged attorney-at-law providing advice on public aid and EU funding. Wojciech Bokina will accompany you in matters related to restructuring and bankruptcy law. Jan Sakławski has dealt with the industry, including in particular the energy and construction sectors, for many years now. Magdalena Porzeżyńska, Ph.D., as an attorney-at-law, but also a university lecturer, is fully committed to environmental and energy law issues, especially renewable energy sources. In addition, she combines this knowledge with hands-on experience in public aid law. Advocate Bartłomiej Pietruszka develops the criminal law department, with an emphasis on its business component – white-collar crime and anti-money laundering. Maciej Wasilewski is the leader of our transactions practice, and Monika Bobrowicz, one of the co-founders of BBS, has been in charge of HR, finance and administration, from the very beginning of our operations.

‘In our daily work, and in life in general, we rely on stable relations based on mutual trust. As a result, we know and understand your business – and more importantly, we want to understand it in order to tailor a customised service path. First, we identify key legal areas that need attention. Second, we make a diagnosis. We then come back to you with optimum suggestions for getting your business out of a crisis. Addressing our client’s business objectives always lies at the core of every strategy we prepare,’ Krzysztof Brysiewicz


What brings us together are our professional interests and our passion for sailing. That amazing sport has taught us teamwork, courage in decision-making and determination. It is with this steadfastness that we approach the issues we deal with professionally. When using our services, you can be sure that these are the values that will guide us in everything we do.


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