Mergers and acquisitions

Transactions are one of the critical moments, frequently one of the most important moments in the history of a company. We help companies run them safely while taking into consideration the business objectives of our clients. We provide advice on selecting the best fiscal and legal form of business for a transformed company and business reorganization – Wojciech Bokina.

Our interdisciplinary approach to the transactions in which we are involved sets our law firm apart from others. We have many years of experience in preparing and conducting mergers and acquisitions for businesses in a host of industries. That means we are capable of responding to our clients’ business needs while mitigating the risk of corporate disputes after a completed transaction. We approach projects holistically, walking our clients through the preparatory procedures, among others, by conducting a legal and organizational analysis of the subject of the transaction, compilation of documentation, due diligence through the pertinent transaction process all the way until finalization.

Our clients:

  • AICs,
  • BRIdge Alfa funds,
  • entities listed on a regulated market,
  • entities in the property development, IT and energy generation sectors and operators of industrial plants,
  • startups.

Scope of services:

  • Legal services involved in acquiring and divesting businesses and other assets, including organized parts of businesses, equity stakes in companies and real estate.
  • Running due diligence processes in companies with an eye to the transactions under contemplation while considering corporate threats and the threats related to the co-financing provided.
  • Drawing up a recommendation on the optimum legal and fiscal structure for a given transaction.
  • Preparing transaction-specific documents and other documents involved in transactions, among others, teasers, term sheets, investment memorandums, investment contracts, shareholder agreements and share purchase agreements.
  • Running transaction-related negotiations and pertaining to transactions, e.g. financing, grant retention and financial support.

Completed activities

  • Providing comprehensive legal advisory services during the sale of an IT company utilizing multiple EU grants, including services involving the securing of the necessary consents and permits for roughly PLN 50 million.
  • Conducting due diligence in entities running public aid projects bearing risks associated with securing project sustainability and a ban against their basic modification.
  • Legal advisory services for the seller during the sale of an IT industry company, an IT services integrator working for hospitals, to a German public company.
  • Conducting the acquisition of a special-purpose vehicle conducting a property development investment in Warsaw.
  • Drafting a comprehensive legal and fiscal analysis spanning the possibility of disposing of a company holding windfarms under a prepack procedure, giving consideration to the support in the form of EU funds acquired by the company, as well as the accounting revaluation of its assets.
  • Conducting a due diligence on the operators of windfarms, followed by advisory services in the transaction process involving their disposal, also in the context of retaining the grants obtained.


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