White-collar crime

This is an extremely complex and multi-faceted area of legal services, which requires in-depth knowledge of many areas of law and familiarity with economic practices. Our priority is to provide the highest quality of service to our clients in relation to proceedings conducted in their cases – Bartłomiej Pietruszka.

In this practice, we handle complex proceedings, often in areas where business and politics intersect. We have experience allowing us to make an in-depth analysis of the status quo and devise the most effective strategy to defend our clients’ interests. We act effectively in crisis situations, making sure that the image of our clients remains unharmed.

Our clients:

  • senior managers,
  • management board and supervisory board members,
  • shareholders in corporations,
  • businesses, legal persons, including corporations, foundations and others.

Scope of services:

  • Representation in criminal proceedings at the preparatory and judicial stages, in particular for members of management boards and supervisory boards of capital companies.
  • Acting as defense attorneys for suspects, the arrested, and the indicted.
  • Representation in cases of executive mismanagement, bribery of managers, crimes against creditors, bank fraud, disruption of pursuit of claims, unreliable record keeping, abuse, and insider dealing.
  • Implementation of compliance mechanisms preventing abuse in companies and mitigating numerous risks related to business activities, including preparation of legal opinions and instructions within the scope of criminal law, and support in the collection of evidence in internal investigations.
  • Advice for and representation of clients in proceedings related to financial crime, such as subsidy fraud, embezzlement, bribery, money laundering, and manipulation of financial instruments.
  • Support in activities undertaken for clients in preparatory proceedings, including in emergencies (searches, arrests, and investigative measures) and in communication with law enforcement authorities.
  • Representation in criminal tax proceedings, including in other related court and tax proceedings.

Completed activities

  • Effectively defended a management board against accusations of acting to the detriment of the company and mismanaging its assets (including subsidiaries) during hostile takeover attempts.
  • Conducted an internal audit and identified people responsible for the acquisition of EU funds, and, as a result, protected the client’s interests in grant fraud proceedings.
  • Effectively defended the management board of a company operating in the IT industry against accusations of fraud aimed at wrongfully obtaining public funds from a large state institution (tens of millions of Polish zloty).
  • Represented a client (shareholder) in proceedings concerning the diversion of corporate assets by the management board, which included seizing property through injunction to secure claims for damages.
  • Conducted internal audit to secure the interests of a large telecommunications company associated with a breach of personal data protection regulations to its detriment and identified potential perpetrators.


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