Corporate litigation

Corporate litigation is the most dynamic field of procedural law, in which the smallest error can lead to grave consequences. The foundation for taking effective measures is experience, a properly crafted strategy, and a rapid response. Our team has all these competences, thereby enabling us to represent clients in complicated cases that form precedents in many instances - Krzysztof Brysiewicz.

We have participated in the largest cases involving corporate litigation in Poland. We have represented partnerships, limited liability companies and joint-stock companies including public companies. Our team consists of procedural lawyers and experts in capital market and corporate law, which makes it possible for us to create an effective strategy and run proceedings in accordance with a client’s objectives. We treat each case individually, taking into account factors such as company operations, the subject matter of a dispute, the structure of management, and relations between shareholders.

Our clients:

  • partnerships,
  • limited liability companies,
  • joint stock companies,
  • public companies,
  • (majority and minority) shareholders.
  • management board and supervisory board members.

Scope of services:

  • Analyzing a situation and drafting a strategy for conducting litigation.
  • Comprehensive services for commercial companies, including public companies, pertaining to the preparation and running of shareholder meetings, and representing shareholders during such meetings.
  • Conducting corporate litigation to achieve the following objectives:
    • Establish non-existence.
    • Assert invalidity.
    • Repeal resolutions adopted by the corporate bodies of commercial companies: amend articles of association, raise share capital, award personal rights to shareholders, give corporate consents, and make changes to the composition of the corporate bodies.
    • Establish the invalidity of shares, establish negative resolutions and the scope of rights held by specific shareholders.
  • Representation in injunction proceedings.
  • Representation in proceedings before registration courts.
  • Conducting litigation in partnerships to deprive partners of the right to represent the partnership and conduct the affairs of the partnership.
  • Conducting litigation to exclude shareholders of limited liability companies, dissolve limited liability companies, and lock-up equity stakes.
  • Conducting litigation pertaining to public companies: entering into an unnotified agreement and the forfeiture of voting rights related to delisting and determining the fair value of shares and related to shareholder dividend payments.

Completed activities

  • Defending a corporate group against a hostile takeover by a shareholder holding a 50% equity stake in companies that ended up in our client’s acquiring this corporate group.
  • Effectively defending a public company against corporate blackmail and hostile takeover perpetrated by one of the shareholders based on regulations pertaining to the forfeiture of voting rights in public companies.
  • Effectively defending a public company in a conflict with a majority shareholder that ended up with a settlement as a result of which the majority shareholder divested its equity stake.
  • Effectively defending a public company related to a “corporate raid” perpetrated by some of the company’s shareholders and simultaneously holding two “shareholder meetings”.
  • Successfully defending public companies against the appointment of an auditor for special affairs by a shareholder striving to take over the company on a hostile basis and a shareholder that was simultaneously a competitor of the public company.
  • Legal advisory services to a majority shareholder in the process of reversing the conversion from paper shares into electronic shares in a food industry company, including defense against corporate blackmail perpetrated by one of the shareholders blocking the aforementioned process.
  • Legal advisory services to defend a public company that led to a successful outcome for our client in the form of registering the business combination where the other party attempted to block these efforts.
  • Defending a public company producing refractory materials listed on the regulated market run by the Warsaw Stock Exchange against corporate blackmail involving the suspension of raising the share capital; legal advisory services in preparing and running shareholder meetings, raising the share capital under authorized capital combined with an issue of warrants, in order to facilitate the consolidation of companies in the sector.
  • Defending an employee joint-stock company in the construction sector against a hostile takeover orchestrated by a competing public company listed on the regulated market run by the Warsaw Stock Exchange.
  • Defending a public company listed on the regulated market run by the Warsaw Stock Exchange operating in the IT, media, and business travel sector and its subsidiaries against a hostile takeover attempt by a public company listed on the NewConnect market that was active in making investments in the marketing industry.
  • Legal advisory services for the shareholders of companies belonging to a corporate group doing business in real estate services whose total value exceeded half a billion Polish zloty to defend them against a hostile takeover by one of the shareholders.
  • Representing a company that was one of the largest regional producers of beer in Poland in cases involving attempts at depriving our law firm’s client, a shareholder of a company that is the largest domestic producer of potato starch and related products, of subscription rights and reducing its equity stake as well as attempts at depriving our law firm’s client of the ability to choose supervisory board members through group voting.
  • Preparing and implementing long-term strategies to defend employee joint-stock companies, a producer of rubber goods, and a herbal business, against a hostile takeover by a competing joint-stock company; advisory services to prepare and conduct shareholder meetings, ratify programs to buyback treasury stock, and amend the company’s articles of association to empower the employee shareholders in the company and ensure that it retains its employee nature.
  • Representing the shareholders of limited liability companies in successful procedures to exclude shareholders from limited liability companies through first obtaining injunctions for their statements of claim.
  • Effectively defending partners in partnerships in procedures to deprive them of the right to represent these partnerships.


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