Tax law practice

We help clients enhance their tax security and minimize the costs of activities by selecting tax structures that are the most suitable for the income they generate - Krzysztof Brysiewicz.

Every business decision may entail tax consequences. This is why it is important that, in addition to accounting consultation, business activities are undertaken on the basis of a plan drawn up in cooperation with a legal and tax department.

Our team’s business acumen and diverse experience allow us to go beyond the ordinary standards and offer comprehensive assistance in tax law. We provide legal services in income taxes, VAT, civil law activities and real estate to businesses operating on the Polish and international markets. We represent clients in the course of tax and customs inspections, tax and customs proceedings, and before administrative courts.

Our clients:

  • companies operating in Poland and internationally,
  • companies taking advantage of the co-financing offered by the EU,
  • companies operating in special economic zones (SEZ) and pursuant to support decisions,
  • local government entities.

Scope of services:

  • Ongoing tax consultancy in respect to VAT, CIT, PIT, tax on civil law transactions, and real estate tax.
  • Tax audit and assessment of tax risk.
  • Preparation of draft contracts, and tax opinions.
  • Review of contracts in terms of tax risk.
  • Preparation of individual tax law rulings on the taxpayer’s behalf.
  • Representation of a taxpayer before tax administration bodies during tax/customs inspections, tax/customs proceedings, and before administrative courts during administrative court proceedings.
  • Support in the implementation of research and development concerning CIT/PIT relief
  • Support in the implementation of IP Box technology concerning CIT/PIT relief in commercialized intellectual property.
  • Identification of mandatory disclosure of tax schemes (MDR).
  • Disclosure of tax schemes on the taxpayer’s behalf (MDR).
  • Evaluation of VAT eligibility and settlement of refunds in projects co-financed using EU funds.
  • Restructuring of tax liabilities, acquisition and settlement of available tax relief and exemptions.
  • Management of tax risk and protection of taxpayers against criminal tax liability.
  • Comprehensive services in obtaining a decision on support.
  • Evaluation of documentation obligations and tax risk in intragroup transactions.
  • Review of settlements between related entities and oversight over the process of creating tax documentation.

Completed activities

  • Prepared a comprehensive legal opinion on VAT eligibility in an individual port infrastructure modernization project.
  • Prepared a structure for VAT settlements within an international group of companies.
  • Prepared legal and tax analyses of share and asset deal transaction structures.
  • Carried out a tax procedure concerning the real estate tax for wind farm operators after the “anti-windmill act” was introduced.
  • Supported businesses in obtaining tax relief and exemptions (CIT/PIT) in special economic zones.
  • Represented a business in proceedings concerning de minimispublic aid in connection with the administrative enforcement of VAT liabilities.


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